At PPIS,, we believe in enhancing classroom learning through real-world experiences. Our educational excursions offer students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, connect with curriculum topics outside the classroom, and develop essential life skills. These excursions are carefully curated to align with academic goals while fostering personal growth and cultural understanding.

Students engage in interactive learning experiences that bring textbooks to life. Whether exploring historical landmarks, visiting museums, or conducting field studies in natural environments, our excursions enrich academic concepts with practical application.

Excursions encourage collaboration and teamwork among students. They learn to communicate effectively, solve problems together, and support each other in unfamiliar environments, building strong bonds that extend beyond the trip.

  • In the pre-primary school, learners enjoy outings to the local community that enhance their topic-based learning.
  • In the Primary & Middle School, learners visit museums, exhibitions, places linked directly to their learning, and are also given the opportunity to enjoy residential teambuilding camp experiences.
  • In the Senior School, there are field trips to study the local history, visit heritage sites, engage in local and global learning experiences and enjoy interactive art experiences.

The true value of outdoor learning lies in our ability to make real world connections, and to link our experiences outside the classroom back to our everyday lives. It is therefore the quality of the outdoor activities and the long- term impact of outdoor learning that is the most important outcome. Through these outdoor experiences our