At PPIS, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement through rigorous evaluation and assessment practices. These processes ensure that we uphold high academic standards, support student growth, and provide meaningful feedback to enhance learning outcomes. it is our sincere effort to impart holistic education so as to nurture all our students into all rounded characters-physically, mentally, spiritually and academically. To make this mission of ours a fruitful one, the evaluation system is continuous, and comprehensive.

Evaluation is an integral part of teaching learning process. In this process the teacher sets the learning objectives, plans activities to meet these objectives, carries out these planned activities and evaluates the learning outcomes. Therefore, the learning objectives, teaching learning process and the evaluation process are interlinked.

Evaluation helps to provide the feedback for the success of teaching on one hand and achievement of the student on the other. It also tells us whether the objectives laid out were realistic and whether the methodology of teaching was effective. The evaluation does not pass judgment on the performance of the learner but mainly diagnoses and gives remedy for the learning difficulties and inadequacies of the learner.

The evaluation process is child friendly where student enjoys it without any fear of examination.

No formal examination will be held for these classes. The School will follow a system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) through a checklist of assignments and observational activities in order to develop a sense of curiosity and the desire to explore.


  • The School Will follow a system of Continuos and Comprehensive evaluation (CCE) through assignments and observational activities.
  • Besides this, the school will also conduct one unit test of 25 marks for each subject in both the terms for Class II and two unit tests of 25 marks for each subject in both the terms for Class III.