Holistic Development

The aim of education is not only cognitive development, but to also build character and create holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with the key 21st century skills. At PPIS, we are proud to use holistic teaching methods with our students in order to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment that children want to be a part of. Our focus is on developing the whole child through creating and sustaining meaningful relationships, instilling a love for learning and supporting the growth of confidence and resilience in each child. we offer a variety of clubs and activities to give exposure to the learners through performing arts, visual and sports activities. This paves way for them to become independent learners, self-learners and lifelong learners! Our learners are encouraged to blossom to their full potential – not just their Academic Potential – but also their HUMAN POTENTIAL and become their unique best selves-The Best of Who They Can Be!