Interdisciplinary Learning

An interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach to teaching-learning is deeply embedded across curriculum and subjects as envisaged by NEP 2020.
A rigorous holistic curriculum that incorporates multiple disciplines and makes pivotal connections between disciplines is offered to the learners. This provides a suitable ground for a child’s overall development.
Learners are encouraged to develop investigative skills and higher-order thinking skills through problem-solving, critical thinking, research, collaboration and presenting opinions. These skills are taught through a wide range of topics that strengthen the links across the other subjects and provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Interdisciplinary learning provides a pathway for students to develop the adaptability, versatility, and critical thinking skills needed to thrive in diverse fields and industries. By connecting learning to real-world examples, students understand the relevance and practical applications of their education, empowering them to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond.