Life Skills

Life skills is a term used to describe a set of basic skills acquired through learning and/or direct life experience that enable individuals and groups to effectively handle issues and problems commonly encountered in daily life.
Life Skills is an integral part of the school curriculum. With our specially designed Life-Skills programme, we aim to enable the young minds to learn how to think and discipline emotions – an area neglected in education system worldwide. We go beyond the confines of narrow learning and aim for the essential learning outcomes for professional success, personal development and responsible citizenship.
Training in Life skills helps our students to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges, such as bullying and discrimination. It enables them to make a positive contribution by developing the expertise and experience they need to assert their rights and understand their responsibilities, while preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of adult and working life. The numerous activities supported by the school are:

Dedicated Counsellor

Our counsellor provides scaffolds and work empathetically listening, making meaningful connections with the child, empowering parents to handle difficult behaviours. Learners are counselled on issues like anger management, conflict resolution, anxiety, stress manage- ment, adjustment difficulties, study difficulties and overcoming negative behaviours.  Parents are guided about handling different growing up issues, academic difficulties of learners, and about creating conducive learning environment at home.

Career Guidance and Counselling

When the learners make a move from Junior to Senior classes, a thorough Career guidance and Counselling is provided to them by means of variety of career workshops to create a roadmap for the future of every learner of Classes X to XII. It includes face-to face counselling, career desks and a series of workshops to enable every learner to take a mindful and informed decision regarding the best fit career for him that is not based on hearsay or herd mentality or pre- conceived basis. It offers a personalised counselling on the basis of the learner’s aptitude, skills, personality, interest and cumulative academic track record. 

No-Learner-Left-Behind Program

Being an inclusive school, we ensure that education must reach the last child. No Learner Left Behind Program is a flagship program to assist low achievers in making their desires and goals more attainable, thereby facilitating their personal growth and emotional health.

Study – buddy

A study Buddy is someone you study alongside with, offering each other mutual support, discussing concepts and working together