Our Robotics Lab is fully equipped with Lego Robotics Materials, Some of the features of Robotics Learning Program:

  • Using Lego kits students will learn through experience, collaborate with their classmate, think creatively and it will increase students learning power.
  • Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct robotics machine which can perform various work.
  • Robotics learning will challenge students to apply math and science concepts to real life problems.
  • We have well designed curriculum for each class.
  • Lego Education offers unique solutions to teachers who bring more innovation and creativity to their classroom practice.
  • A chance to discover a fun and engaging way to teach curriculum subjects
  • Robotics learning system covers all four fields-STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through hands on learning.
  • This allows students to take a more active role in their learning; the courses provide students with hands-on experience through practical workshops, information about ways to optimise classroom management of resources, and tools for curriculum planning.
  • Teaching through robotics will
    1. Gives visual grasp of math and science concept
    2. Teaches through discovery (cause and effect learning)
    3. Builds logical and analytical thinking
    4. Nurtures creativity and innovation
    5. Enhances problem solving attitude

Special Features of Lego Mindstorms NXT Kit

NXT Robotics machine can be programmed to:

  • move forward, back, turn, and avoid objects
  • sense colors, light, sound, and objects
  • measure discrete distances
  • use gears to adjust speed and climb hills