Teachers as Mentor

At PPIS the teachers are looked upon as both Mentors and Facilitators. To meet the requirements of 21 century knowledge society, they themselves undergo regular training and orientation programmes, seminars, workshops and training by CBSE. 

Special Remedial Teaching Programme

The school conducts integrated remedial classes for the academically weak children EVERY SATURDAY 12 pm to 2 pm. During these sessions, the teachers try to reach out to their problems and render a personal touch. The slow learners get a chance to pick up the covered syllabus and solve their problems.

Counseling Sessions

The school facilitates students wit full time counselors. Counselor provides concrete suggestions for each child and help them overcome their specific learning disabilities. (Few more info to be added)

Parent Teacher Meetings

The school sees parents as significant partners in Education. Regular Parent Teacher Association Meetings are conducted in the school. The teachers and parents work out together the future plans towards children’s growth.